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Challenge:  Résumé did not reflect right level.

Chris was seeking a position as a Human Resources professional.  Her existing résumé misrepresented her true job content and breadth of experience. The candidate was being “undersold” by her résumé, as she appeared to be someone at a more junior level on paper.

SOLUTION: Dynamic Résumés prepared a new résumé to reflect the more accurate nature of her work, which was that of an experienced “Human Resources Generalist”.

SUCCESS: In 30 days time, Chris had 6 interviews for quality level positions, resulting in 2 job offers.  A week after starting her new position, one more job offer came through!


Challenge: Career changer.

Mary V. had spent the last 20 years as a manager and trainer in the casino industry in the Bahamas. She returned to her hometown in New Jersey, and was seeking employment as a religious school teacher for children.  Her existing résumé did not present someone who had worked with children, nor did it demonstrate why she could succeed in this new area.

SOLUTION: Through a good consultation appointment where clients are truly “interviewed” about their background, Dynamic Résumés uncovered Mary’s past experiences teaching classes to children, training in religious studies, acting and improvisation, and study abroad that included Biblical and prayer studies, Hebrew language, and more.  A functional résumé was produced focusing on Mary’s strengths and experiences in the career related skills.  Her management expertise in areas such as communication and relationship management skills were used to illustrate critical interpersonal skills in relating to both children and their parents.

SUCCESS: Within 30 days, Mary V. had a new part-time job as a religious school teacher, and was advertising as a private tutor.


Challenge: Executive who looked overqualified, and was concerned about age issues.

Richard had a five page résumé detailing over 40 years of management and executive level sales positions. In addition, although he was with his current employer for 10 years, he was at his prior two positions for less than 3 years.

SOLUTION: After interviewing Richard at length about past achievements, DYNAMIC RÉSUMÉ produced a two-page résumé presenting a dynamic sales executive with over “20 years experience in major business development”.  A powerful summary statement emphasized Richard’s areas of expertise, and what “he could do for an employer”.  Next, a Career Skills section in bulleted format, provided a quick keyword list of skills. A Career Achievements section followed with a list of business examples of accomplishments.  The Experience Section detailed his last 15 years of employment with major accomplishments, and grouped his remaining employment together in a “Prior Experience” category.

SUCCESS: In 60 days, Richard accepted a VP level Sales position for a good company in his area.

MORE SUCCESS: Testimonial from a recruiter working with Richard:

“I have to commend you on a super job with Richard’s résumé! When he first sent me his bio, I was concerned due to the “overqualified” factor-However, after seeing his new résumé, I do believe he is still marketable, and I will be working to market him to some of my clients and prospects. You did a super job, using the right buzzwords, and highlighting his best accomplishments!”

R.E. Sales Recruiter and Owner of Recruitment Firm


Challenge: Nursing Graduate who had failed licensing exam.

Max R. was a 40ish single man who had spent over 15 years wandering through various careers.  After some hard times, and dealing with an ill mother, he had a change of life inspiration that directed his focus to a career in nursing.  He was accepted into a highly regarded Nursing Program, and became extremely dedicated toward his goal of becoming a full-time student. Unfortunately, he failed his licensing exam upon graduation, and could not obtain employment as a nurse without it. This was particularly frustrating, as Max knew that not only were nurses in high demand, but particularly male nurses. He was spending his days studying for the next exam, still several months away, while seeking nursing-related employment. His existing résumé was 3 pages long, detailing ALL of his prior work experiences.  The résumé appearance reflected a misdirected career track, and his excellent nursing credentials did not stand out.

SOLUTION: DYNAMIC RÉSUMÉ created a one-page résumé that presented a dedicated nursing graduate, and focused only on his nursing-related experiences and credentials. A strong profile paragraph was written to highlight Max’s strengths, followed by an Education section with the name of the prestigious nursing school and relevant educational credentials, and a Highlights section recognizing Max’s philosophy and talents.  Prior unrelated experiences were not mentioned, resulting in a totally different “image” of this candidate, and a higher level of confidence for Max in sending out his résumé.

SUCCESS: Within 2 weeks, Max called to say he had 3 job interviews which looked promising, for nursing assistant positions with good potential for advancement upon successful completion of his license.



“I was really impressed with the resume, cover letter, and thank you letter Diane created for me. Within one week of posting my resume on some of the major career sites, I received about 10 calls from hiring managers and recruiters. After one month, I landed a new position with a top tier financial services firm.”
V.C., Wall Street Business Analyst

“I can’t thank you enough for putting together such a GREAT résumé!! It really shines! And this whole process has boosted my confidence and put things in perspective for me, and that really is the most beneficial thing about it.  Thanks so much again, Diane!”
J.T., Director of Literacy Program

“I have shown the résumé you worked on to a few people in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, and the feedback is great! A friend of mine, who is a sales rep at Merck, thought it was excellent.  She felt it had all the right keywords for pharmaceutical, and that it focused on the industry right on.  I am so pleased with this résumé, you did a stellar job.”
M.M., Career changer from Medical Editing to Pharmaceutical Sales

“Thank you for all of your help. The résumé looks great!!!!  I am sooooooo excited! I am looking forward to seeing my cover letter.  You have been a great resource.”
J.B., Sales Manager & Business Development

“I just looked over the résumé.  It looks so great!!! I can’t wait to show it off and have everyone want to hire me.  This is just awesome. Thanks!”
S.R., Teacher

“WOW. It took me a few minutes to recognize myself!  You did an amazing job organizing my information and really presenting my accomplishments in such a dynamic way!”
D.G., Business Operations Manager

“Diane was able to take my very diverse experiences and create a coherent picture that focused on my strengths and skills.  When she was done with my résumé, even I was impressed with my background.  I would highly recommend her résumé service to anyone, particularly those whose career history isn’t “neat”.”
Dr. M.K., Licensed Psychologist

“Thank-you so much for a wonderful cover letter and résumé powerful enough to get me a total of 3 HR interviews-which is really remarkable with the HR situation today, and the fact that I have not been in the field in 6 years!  I feel that a number of people were very influential in helping me get this job, but that it really started with you and the résumé I was able to present myself.”
J.S., Human Resources Manager and Office Manager