Career Fairs…are they worth it?

Career Fairs can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. How many should you go to? Which booths should you visit? Do people REALLY get jobs this way? Some people do – just as they do from Internet career boards (monster, hotjobs, etc), networking, or ads in the paper. The key to making the most of any career fair is to do your homework. First, be selective about which career fairs you attend.  Find out which companies will be there. Decide if you have any interest in working for them and see if you can find out whether there are any openings in your field.  Second, develop a target list of companies to visit. Then, go to their websites and do some research. Third, be thoroughly familiar with your résumé and be prepared to answer on the spot interview questions. On the day of the Career Fair, be dressed professionally and have résumés ready to give out. Be sure to prioritize which booths you visit and let the interviewer know why you are interested in that particular company. Ask about current possibilities and what their timing is. Thank the interviewer and ask for a business card. Promptly follow up with a thank you note. Oh…remember to wear a smile!