Is Your Job Search Stalled?

Some job seekers are not as committed to a job search as they are to a job. On a “real job”, people set goals, make “to do” lists, etc., which aid in achieving those goals and ensuring that one is accountable for getting the work done.  One way to increase your success in a job search, is to focus on turning your job search into your “job.”  Try setting some goals and maintaining a “to do” list. Keeping an organized system is critical for pushing you forward and for identifying next steps needed to succeed.

It will also help make it easier if you break the job search up into manageable components. Establish a 30-day and 60-day plan, including weekly goals that are posted where you can see them. Create a way to organize and track your contacts, companies you’ve interviewed with, and the status of anything to do with your search.  (One FREE and excellent resource for tracking this info can be found with So, get organized, establish goals, and get that search in motion again!!