Summer is a great time to get your “mojo” back!

We are heading into summer when most people here are the east coast are excited about sunny weather, doing fun things with more daylight hours, and just plain feeling good. But there are many people who do not feel so excited – job seekers. With summer coming, many of you may be nervous because hiring tends to slow down during this period and worries just multiply.


Many job seekers have been out of work for a long time. After a while, it is understandable that we start to question our worth and feel self-esteem going down. When we meet others, this low morale comes through. It may be subtle, but employers feel it. Among other things, they look for passion and confidence….that low energy may result in hesitation on the part of employers. .So how do we get our “mojo” back? How do we increase our confidence when we feel kind of low?


Well, the summer can actually be the perfect time to change course and refocus energy. With the usual summer slowdown, it affords the opportunity to take a step back and recharge. Here are a few ideas to consider:


  • Take a course to increase your knowledge or skills
  • Learn something new – just for fun
  • Read industry magazines to keep up in your field
  • Read books that are in the “Top Ten”
  • Get involved in more fitness activities
  • Spend time concentrated on your family
  • Attack something that you’ve been wanting to clean up at home
  • Think of some ideas to add to this list!


Taking a step back and going forward full-speed ahead with some new activities and goals over the summer can make you feel better about yourself. That is the first step in gaining more confidence and increasing your overall self-esteem. Give yourself time to do this. I believe that once you do, you can then get back to your job search with some new energy that is sure to be felt by those employers. So, how do you plan to get your mojo back?