Why is my résumé not selling me?

 Here is a question that I hear a lot:  “Why did I not get the interview for that position?… I would have been perfect for it?”  Recently, I had two candidates where I totally had to agree! In both instances, the candidates described strong experience that met the job requirements extremely well. Yet, when I looked at the candidates’ résumés, they did not address such strengths at all. The employer could not see their value. So, I could see why it did result in an interview. In fact, I find this to be a fairly common challenge for many job seekers.  

In addition, many people will tell me things like: I was awarded “top sales manager of the year,” or “employee of the month” 6 times in one year, or recognized as the “fastest-rising salesman” or whatever…..you get the point. Again, when I review their résumé, these recognitions are either not mentioned at all or they are there but placed in a very unnoticeable way.  These job seekers are not showcasing times when they are at the top of their game. Why would you NOT place such a noteworthy award, nomination, or recognition of some sort FRONT and CENTER?!

 Your strengths and highly esteemed accolades should jump off the page of the résumé and GRAB the attention of every recruiter or employer who sees it. You earned it…use any honorable mention to demonstrate your value and create desire! That is one of the secrets to getting your résumé to sell you in a more powerful way (more secrets to come!). Hope that helps!